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QuickTip: SCP with Groovy, Maven and Eclipse

Posted by ice09 on December 20, 2010


It’s easy to use SCP with Java, Groovy and even with Maven. However, it gets more complicated if you want to use all of them simultaneously.

It should work this way: An (key-file-based) SCP-connection should take place in a Groovy, so the transferred file can be manipulated straight away. All this should be triggered by a Maven build process and alternatively, using Eclipse with the Groovy plugin, it should be possible to directly start the Groovy script.


Either Eclipse with the Groovy plugin and the Maven plugin or the SpringSource Tool Suite (which includes both plugins) should be installed.

Maven config

The Maven config consists of two dependencies:

  1. The Ant-SCP-Plugin, which is based on JSch
  2. Embedded Groovy (groovy-all.jar)

And two Maven Plugins:

  1. GMaven
  2. The Exec Maven Plugin

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""


Here comes the Groovy part, in fact it’s quite short, since it focuses on the file transfer part. Obviously, it would be easy to manipulate the transferred files after the SCP-transfer, since we are inside a Groovy script and we can use whatever Java library we want since we are inside a Maven project. The universe is ours!

package de.ice09.scp

new AntBuilder()

The file must go to src/main/groovy for GMaven to work. The key must be OpenSSH-compliant. If you use PuTTY, you can export this format. Alternatively, you can use username/password instead.


After creating a new Maven project with the pom.xml listed above, more than half of the work is done. With or without an IDE this can be tested. Just run

maven clean install exec:java

GMaven should generate the Java stubs, the Execution Plugin should execute the generated Java class file. The dependencies for JSch, Antbuilder etc. are handled by Maven or Groovy itself.

Eclipse config

The final step is to enable the Groovy nature in Eclipse. This leads us to a faster development cycle, since the Groovy script can be run “natively”, without having Maven to generate the Java stub before. There is no problem running the two options (Groovy with Maven and Eclipse) side-by-side, so it is really easy to develop and deploy, since there is no big difference. You always have a completely runnable version available, given that Maven is installed on the target system.

Convert to Groovy project


Add Groovy sources (from src/main/groovy) to classpath


The deployable way: start process using GMaven and Execution Plugin

2010-12-20_23-36_Run Configurations

Start in development mode using the Groovy Eclipse Plugin



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